Town of Freedom

1188 Eagle Street
PO Box 89
Sandusky, New York  14133

Phone: 716.492.0961
Fax: 716.492.0935


Alle-Catt Wind Farm
Wind Energy Guide

2019 Assessment Roll




WELCOME to the Town of Freedom, New York 

The Town is located in the northeast corner of Cattaraugus County with a population of 2405 as on the 2010 Census. 

The first settlers arrived around 1811.  The Town of Freedom was founded in 1820, composed of land from the "Town of Ischua".  Part of Freedom become the Town of Yorkshire in 1844.


Due to the COVID-19 the Freedom Town Clerk and the Freedom Building Inspector will be by appointment only until further notice.
If you are paying your 2020 Town and County Taxes please mail your bill with a check or money order to Freedom Tax Collector, PO Box 89, Sandusky, NY 14133, or you can bring them to the Town Hall and place the bill with a Check or money order in the drop box left of the door next. The box will be checked daily.
Dog License Renewles please mail a check or money order to Freedom Town Clerk, PO Box 89, Sandusky, NY 14133. Or place a check or money order in the drop box to the left of the Town Hall door.
If you are in need of anything else please contact Town Clerk Mindy Holland at 716-353-6584 to set up an appointment.
For Pat Cummings call 716-432-6245
For all other calls please contact Supervisor Randy Lester 248-444-9294
Thank you for your understanding.

~ Local Law #1 of 2020: Wind Energy Facilities
~ Local Law #2 of 2020: Local Law Amending LL#1 of 2013 - Amending Land Use Ordinance of 1975
~ Local Law #3 of 2020: Board of Assessment Review Complaint Date in Relation to Tax Assessments and Repealing Town of Freedom Local Law #1 of 2008


~ LEWPA Yard Waste Program